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Graphic Designer

Our graphic designer, Dug Campbell, has over two decades experience in design, graphic design, and production art with various local and national publications as well as digital media.  Our project was his first game ever, and he was definitely the quarterback for our team.  Not only was Dug responsible for all cards, but he also designed the box layout as well as the game instructions.  When it came to crunch time, Dug carried this project through completion.  The overall look and layout of our game should be credited to Dug. 



Digital Artist

Our digital artist, Chris Wells, is now a senior at Iowa State University studying advertising / design.  Chris Wells was brought on board on the basis of only two digital designs which we considered to be absolutely incredible.  He is a true undiscovered talent, whom we hope will be widely recognized based upon the work he has done with our game.  Chris worked over nine months on the game board alone, designed all Submission tokens in the game, and illustrated our de-facto symbol, the Tree of Life, which is on the cover of our box.



Web and Video Design

Lucy White has been our radar.  It was Lucy's idea for the current form of our Face the Music cards and she has made immensely valuable contributions every step of the way.  Lucy is the reason that we discovered Chris.  Lucy's behind the scenes input is the reason our game board pops like it does.  "It's too dark!  It's too dark!"  She has a tremendous eye for detail.  Lucy has done all design for our website as well as our Kickstarter page.  She also put together our promo video using nothing but her iPhone.  Finally, it was Lucy who had the network to arrange so many play-tests with so many different groups of people.



Game Creator

The creator of this game, Derek White, has a PhD in finance and is currently with a large, global financial services firm.  His prior life was as an academic in Sydney, Australia.  His alter ego is closet game designer, from his childhood days as Dungeon Master to his wedding reception game,"Poetry in Pieces", to developing various financial trading simulators, to True Frenemies, his first professionally produced game.

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