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"Because you talk too much."


In April 2018, Derek White, the author of True Frenemies, had been teaching both his kids in Sunday morning class when he asked his fateful question.  While pulling out of the church parking lot after Sunday service, he asked,  "did you like my class?"


In unison, "not really".



"Because you talk too much."

The topic for the series was "The Decisions We Make" and the subject for the following week was, "The Friends We Make".  Realizing he needed a fresh approach, Derek spent the week searching and thinking.  On Saturday morning, in the space between a dream and waking up, the idea for True Frenemies popped.


The mission of Mount 21 Productions is To Unify and Entertain.  Not very original, maybe a cliche, maybe a platitude, but that is fine with us.  We believe in the story of the good Samaritan.  We believe in forgiveness.  We believe in faith, hope, and love and especially the greatest of these.  We can fixate on what divides or we can focus on what brings us together. 


True Frenemies exists to bring people together and genuinely demonstrate what it really means to turn the other cheek seventy times seven.  We hope you enjoy our game.

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