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Our digital artist worked exclusively on this massive 20"x 30" design for over 9 months. If you are a collector, the game board alone is worth the price of admission.

Game Board.PNG

For many, the 80 Face the Music cards are the highlight of the game. Modeled on a Truth or Dare concept, these cards will force many players outside their comfort zone. Not for the timid or faint of heart.


At crucial times, your draw on the 40 Say a Little Prayer cards may or may not work out exactly the way you intend.


These SinTakes cards, packed with pop culture references, may seem fun at first, but later in the game they are anything but! At some point, you will want and need to offload your stack.

Web SinTakes cards.PNG
Web Says a Little Prayer cards.PNG

True Frenemies is not a Bible trivia game! But we do have 120 Bible Says cards detailing the life and message of Jesus. In a typical game, each player will draw 3 to 5 of these cards. It is quite possible to win, though, without knowing any answers. So do not worry. Just have fun!


We have 100 of these and - even though small - they pack a mighty punch. Not only used to block unwanted actions against yourself, they are also necessary to proceed through various points in the game. Huge strategic element as well with the Baptize token as once you get it you can no longer harm any other player.

Web Submission Tokens.PNG
Web Bible Says cards.PNG
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It is magenta. We do not have two pink gems in True Frenemies. But the pink one is particularly popular.

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