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True Frenemies is blowing your way !

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

We are so excited! After a year of endless iterations, constant tweaks, simulations, burning candles, and non-stop play testing our game is nearly complete! The finish line is in sight. Our feedback has been strongly positive and everyone who has experienced the game has agreed it is unlike anything they have ever played. True Frenemies is a Christian game, but it is also so much more.

So what exactly is True Frenemies? True Frenemies is a game of strategy - a strategy built on relationships through the lives we lead and the decisions we make. Success in this game simultaneously requires deception, cooperation, as well as acts of assistance alongside betrayal. You cannot win alone. And yet the person you critically need to work with may be actively sabotaging you. You may spend the entire game helping others without any hope of being treated in the same way. Sound familiar?

But this doesn’t really tell you anything does it? True Frenemies is a game to be experienced rather than explained. Our board alone is a work of art and worth the price of admission. Our game maker – Shuffled Ink – has over two decades experience in producing professional quality games. And the game design is a metaphor for the lives we lead as we race ahead and focus primarily on ourselves while young; but slow down and realize the importance of others later along our path. This is a reflection of what many of us have experienced. It is not out of fear that we fight as hard as possible to stay in the game. There is just so much good to enjoy as well as opportunity to help others, and we don’t want it to end. Even though our destination is so much better.

We intend to print 5000 games with our first run, but if the demand is sufficient (either through pre-order or wait-list) we may go higher. Our goal is to print the game during the second half of 2019. All we have yet to do is to design the box as well as instructions. The first run will be labeled as “Edition 1” of True Frenemies. Future versions will not carry the “Edition 1” label.

If you walk into any big box retailer, you will be hard-pressed to find a Christian board game. We have walked into many gaming stores as well and searched for Christian games. And we generally found . . . nothing. True Frenemies is a genuinely unique Christian game. It is not a knock-off. It is not a trivia game. We have worked so hard to create an experience, a game that will stay with you long after you have boxed it away.

We hope you enjoy our game.


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