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Game Cards

You have a path in life to follow - from the beginning of Your Story until you reach the Tree of Life.  You walk along this path, but there are others who will walk with you.  

True Frenemies is a Christian board game with a unique twist.  Winning in our game is almost certainly unlike any game you have ever played.  Enter a mixed up world where your best friend may also be your worst enemy while your ultimate nemesis may knowingly open the way for you to win.


True Frenemies is not a game of quiet contemplation.  Nor is it a game of trivia.  Our game is a game of deception as well as cooperation with acts of assistance alongside betrayal.  Some players may spend the entire game trying to help others without any hope that they will be treated in the same way.   Sounds a lot like real life right?  Life is messy!

Intrigued?  Well, not everything is a state secret in True Frenemies.

Each player will typically encounter between three to five multiple choice Bible Says cards during any given game.  If answered correctly, the player will have an advantage, but it is quite possible for someone with no Bible knowledge to beat another who knows the answer to every question.  Strategy is every bit as important as knowing the answers to these questions, and, in the end, knowing the Bible inside-out carries no promise of success.  Our Bible Says cards are more than simple Bible facts.  These cards are designed to teach and to be intrinsically interesting.  Answer choices have been carefully calibrated to simultaneously challenge but not frustrate.  The game includes 120 Bible Says cards with the theme "The Christ" which covers the life and message of Jesus as given in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The Say a Little Prayer cards are a double-edged sword.  Very often when we pray, our prayers are answered but not in the way we intended.  Prayer with belief can certainly move mountains, but selfish prayers may have an entirely unpredictable outcome.

Sometimes when we mess up, we have to draw a Face the Music card.  These cards contain truth and dare elements that may make even the strongest faint of heart.  Certainly, some who play this game will be long remembered for the consequence they faced when forced to draw from the Face the Music card deck.  So draw at your own risk!


Finally, most SinTakes cards will provide an initial benefit, but will carry a consequence for the rest of the game.  Sin may be very pleasant at first, but after will just take and take and take.  However, all sins in this game are entirely voluntary.  No one who draws a SinTakes card in this game will have anyone but themself to blame for what happens next!

But the cards are only four of the elements in our game.  At its core, the chassis of this game is pure math, probability, game theory, randomness, signaling, tells, as well as deception.  While children can certainly play alongside adults, the game will be played simultaneously at multiple levels.  A lot is happening under the hood that most children will only vaguely realize.  But even a child can win against adults, and therein lies the beauty – as well as our message.

Our game was inspired by a well-known game about the decisions we make in life.  But a Christian’s life does not merely consist of college and jobs and lotteries and lawsuits and starter homes and country estates.  True Frenemies sits on a higher plain.  In the game of life, we race forward to accumulate.  In our game, we race forward and then slow down.  This is a reflection of what many of us have experienced.  It is not out of fear that we fight as hard as possible to stay part of the game.  With so much good to enjoy as well as opportunity to help others, we don’t want it to end.  Even though where we are going is so much better.


We hope you enjoy our game.

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